1/6 Male & Female Seamless Action Figure Model Fit Phicen TBLeague Hot Toys Head

Unboxing 1 6 Scale PHICEN M34 M35 Flexible Figure Seamless Super Muscular Male Body

FULL SILICONE BODY & STAINLESS STEEL SKELETON. The doll has a stainless steel skeleton in its body, which contains 28 points of articulation. When you touch this seamless action figure, you may be amazed at his true skin-like feel-gentle, smooth and flexible.
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Star Citizen Constellation Mk3 Model Limited Edition Very Rare

Star Citizen RSI Constellation Mk3 PRE ALPHA Animation Footage From 24 hour livestream

Even the cockpit is fully detailed inside. The model is as new, never taken out of the vitrine before. 17 Years & Up (22). Even the cockpit is fully detailed inside. This is a highly sougth after Collector┬┤s Item with.
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