1/6 Male & Female Seamless Action Figure Model Fit Phicen TBLeague Hot Toys Head

Unboxing 1 6 Scale PHICEN M34 M35 Flexible Figure Seamless Super Muscular Male Body

FULL SILICONE BODY & STAINLESS STEEL SKELETON. The doll has a stainless steel skeleton in its body, which contains 28 points of articulation. When you touch this seamless action figure, you may be amazed at his true skin-like feel-gentle, smooth and flexible.
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Female White Metal Steel Wire Mannequin Dress Form for Sewing Display

DIY Bootstrap Dress Form in your own measurements

Not recommended for heavy loadings. This free-standing dress form has a woman’s chest, waist, and hips, making it ideal for displaying swimwear, lingerie, and other women’s clothing. Size Neck 12.5, Shoulder width 13.5, Chest 32, Waist 22, Hips 33.5, Height adjustable up from 44 to 65”.
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